Corporate Membership

As a leader in the company, most people know that a healthy, happy, and productive workforce is key to their success. Through a Corporate Membership with the Upper Palmetto YMCA, employees can get fit, stay fit, and save money… all while helping their company improve its fiscal health.

Health and lifestyle profile: the typical company

» 80% under-exercise
» 60% sit all day to do work
» 30% are overweight
» 30-45% experience job burnout due to high stress
» 30% have cardiovascular disease
» 30% smoke
» 30% are prone to lower back pain
» 15-25% have hypertension/high blood pressure

Why Should My Company Participate

» For every dollar spent on programs, employee wellness statistics show a savings of anywhere from $2.30 to $10.10.
» With only 60% participation, Coca-Cola Co. found that they saved $500 per year per employee with their program.
» According to a 2004 Ipsos-Reid employee wellness statistics study, two of the main preventable causes of employee absences were mental health (anxiety/depression), and stress, both of which can be drastically reduced by regular exercise.
» Prudential Insurance’s employee wellness statistics show that their benefit cost per employee enrolled in their wellness program is $312, but the same benefit is $574 per non-enrolled employee.

Participating in YMCA Corporate Membership can help reduce employees’ risk for these conditions, and help your bottom line. Contact Krysten Franks at 803-324-9622 x231 or see a staff member at any Upper Palmetto YMCA for more information.

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